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No, this treatment has no damage on teeth. On the contrary, untreated tartar damages both teeth and surrounding tissue. You should get this treatment and also learn how you can prevent the formation of tartar in the future.

Bleeding is not caused by brushing and it’s a sign of unhealthy gums. You should consult a dentist and it needed, get tartar cleansing treatment.

It’s advised that wisdom teeth should be removed if they affect neighboring teeth or surrounding tissue.

Implant treatment is regularly done using local anesthetics without any pain during the procedure. Mild discomfort following tooth removal is common, which can be easily treated with painkillers.

You can get dental treatments during the 4th, 5th and 6th months of your pregnancy with the consent of your doctor. It is not advised to get treatment in the earlier or latter months unless an emergency occurs. X-rays are strictly forbidden throughout pregnancy.

Whitening does no damage to teeth.

Keep in mind that whitening is a procedure applied only to patients with healthy teeth.

Provided that you follow your dentist’s  advice, braces have no damage on teeth.

Keep in mind that with braces, it’s likely that food will get stuck more easily, which makes it easier to get tooth decay unless you follow your dentist’s instructions. This often includes restrictions on fizzy drinks.

Local anesthesia is the sufficient common practice for dental procedures. While patient may require general anesthesia, this imlpies higher risk and higher costs for the patient and a harder procedure for the dentist/doctors. General anesthesia is applied only in cases of concurrent multiple procedures, extensive phobia or disability.

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