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Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic / Porcelain inlays are developed due to issues with composite-based and metallic fillings: These are solidified under laser light and even in minuscule scale, the material is distorted.

When treating the tooth with a ceramic inlay, measurements are taken after the removal of decay, then a porcelain filling is carefully prepared to measure. The porcelain is then carefully attached to the tooth with special adhesives. This inlay has the high durability of porcelain. Its polish is applied under high temperatures and will not be discolored or worn out. This is not only a highly aesthetic solution, but also hygienic, durable and highly adaptable.

Ceramic / porcelain inlay may be preferred in cases of big cavities and/or significant loss of tooth matter. Root canals are often such cases where ceramic inlays may minimize risk of fractures in tooth or filling.